Of course,RGIII isn't the only rookie who is racking up yards with huge chunks of the backfield.In his debut year,Alfred Morris has been an extremely productive running Mut 24 coins  back.And the sixth-round pick stole all the headlines in primetime in the season's final.Morris scored a record-breaking 200 yards night against the Cowboys while also setting the Redskins single-season record for rushing.He ended the season having 1.613 yardsand only Adrian Peterson had more-as well as 13 touchdowns including seven in Washington's last four games.The rookie is quick to break through the holes and swiftly gets on the other side of defense,fitting perfectly in the Redskins new offense.The duo of rookies led Washington to the most efficient rush in Madden NFL 24 with an average of 169.3 yards per game.

It was the Redskins defense was the major reason for the sluggish 3-6 start,but even Jim Haslett's team improved during the second period of the season,during Washington's postseason push.Washington consistently dominated on Sunday night,and they held Dallas to just 18 points and limited the passing attack that allowed the Cowboys close to the playoffs.However,the Redskins'secondary remains vulnerable by allowing 281.9 yards per gamewhich ranks 30th in league.Wilson will be able to score on the field,and he'll need the safety up front to fend off the blitz pressure that Haslett will likely to release.

On the other side of the spectrum,the Redskins stand amongst the best at defending against the rush.The long-lived London Fletcher has been nursing an injury to his ankle in the second quarter of the year,but the Redskins defense is holding teams to just 95.8 yards per match.Similar to Washington as well,the Seahawks are playing one of the top rush games in the Madden NFL 24.led by a variety of options with Wilson along with Marshawn Lynch.Fletcher buy madden 24 coins  together with defense will have to slow down Seattle on the field or else Wilson could expose an already weak secondary that is prone to play-action.